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Menusifu Pasta

(888) 809-8867

62B Allen St, New York, NY


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About Us

The best thing about pasta is that it is loved by everyone. We began our journey of making our first pasta back in 1910.

Our ancestors were immigrants and the time back then life was very tough. However, our ancestors managed to open their first store in 1910. 

Then we grow bigger and bigger. Now, we are one of the largest pasta chains in United States.

Online Order

Online order makes it easier for diners to place their orders on our easy-to-use, fast and secure platform! 

“It is so easy to use and I can’t believe this is true!” – CEO of Pasta House

Cozy & Delicious

We believe a cozy environment is one of the prime factors to attract more diners come to dine in here at Menusifu Pasta.

You can’t beat the deliciousness of the food, the friendliness of our waiters/waitresses, the inexpensiveness of the bill. 


"Awesome!" - Handsome guy

"Such a lovely place!" - Eminem

"I am in love with this place already!" - Confucius